The Wizard of U.S. (2016)

The Wizard of U.S. is a social satire – an animated documentary about emotions, based on themes from the popular American novel “The Wizard of OZ”, in order to illustrate how Los Angeles makes the American Dream come true. The film describes the observations, dilemmas and adventures shared by all of those, who just like Dorothy – the main character-want to be “the voice of their generation” and try their luck in Hollywood. This is the hyper-realistic America, with all its attractions, such as living “at full capacity”, the enthusiasm and embarrassingly white smiles of “the local people” seen through the eyes of a “stranger” from Europe. Using the factual interviews with the inhabitants of Los Angeles, observing their everyday life, habits and behavior, after three years of having survived in L.A. the director reveals the thrills and absurdities that govern the world of the big stakes and unleashed dreams the way it is all perceived by an immigrant from Europe.

Genre: Animation


Duration: 23